After thoroughly testing VaporFi’s products, I’m excited to share my honest review. VaporFi offers a wide selection of vaping devices and e-liquids with impressive performance. I tested devices like the Sense Orbit, Rocket3, and VAIO kits and found the vapor quality and flavors to be excellent. The broad range of nicotine levels also makes their e-liquids accommodating for vapers of all experience levels. However, I did encounter some drawbacks with inconsistent coil quality and customer service challenges.

While VaporFi’s website and shipping are convenient, their customer support was occasionally unresponsive. With better quality control and improved customer service, VaporFi could become an industry leader. For now, they provide quality vapes and e-liquids at reasonable prices, but customers should be aware of potential issues before purchasing. Consider this review your guide to the pros and cons of VaporFi’s vaping products.


What is VaporFi?

What is VaporFi?

VaporFi is a premier online vape shop offering a comprehensive selection of vaping products for beginners and experts alike. Their product range includes vape pens, mods, tanks, coils, and a vast e-liquid selection with diverse flavors and nicotine levels. VaporFi sets themselves apart by providing third-party lab test results for all products, ensuring quality, purity and potency.

For new vapers, their website offers instructional videos and vaping tips to help you choose the right devices and e-liquids for your needs. VaporFi is committed to stellar customer service and frequently offers discounts and deals to keep vaping affordable. With their combination of top-notch products, transparency, education, and savings, VaporFi is a trusted one-stop online shop for all vaping enthusiasts.


VaporFi Vape Devices

VaporFi Vape Devices

VaporFi offers an extensive selection of vape devices for all levels and styles of vaping.

For beginners, the compact VaporFi Express provides a simple and satisfying vape with its prefilled cartridges and cigalike design.

Intermediate vapers can customize their experience with the adjustable airflow and wattage on the vape pen VaporFi Pro and its refillable tanks.

Experienced vapers will appreciate the advanced temperature and wattage control of the high-powered box mod VaporFi Rebel.

For ultimate simplicity, the all-in-one VaporFi VAIO bundles a refillable tank and battery in a lightweight, easy-to-use device.

No matter your vaping experience, VaporFi has an option to match your preferences. Their wide range caters to vapers who value customization as well as those seeking convenience. With different coil options and the ability to control airflow, wattage, and temperature, VaporFi devices offer versatility across vaping styles.


VaporFi E-Liquids

VaporFi E-Liquids

VaporFi offers an immense selection of premium e-liquids to satisfy every vaper’s flavor preferences. Their expansive flavor variety allows you to find the perfect all-day vape, with options spanning fruity, dessert, tobacco, menthol, and more. Personally, I’m a fan of their unique flavor blends like Lemon Blueberry Crisp and Quartz Menthol.

Beyond variety, VaporFi prioritizes quality and safety in their e-liquids. They use high-grade ingredients and manufacture in an FDA-registered lab, with full mixing formulas disclosed on their website for ultimate transparency. VaporFi e-liquids are also diacetyl-free, demonstrating their commitment to customer health.

For further customization, VaporFi enables you to craft your own signature flavor by blending up to three e-liquids. You can also select your ideal nicotine strength for a personalized vaping experience. With top-notch ingredients, focus on safety, and incredible flavor options, VaporFi e-liquids are a fantastic choice for vapers with discerning taste.


Ease of Use

Ease of Use

With their intuitive designs and wealth of educational resources, VaporFi delivers an exceptionally easy vaping experience for beginners and veterans alike.

VaporFi sets new vapers up for success with detailed instructional videos and vaping tips on their website. These clear, concise guides make learning the ropes of vaping a breeze.

Experienced vapers can also count on a fuss-free experience thanks to VaporFi’s rigorous quality and safety testing. Their Certificate of Analysis for each product verifies optimal performance, so you can vape with confidence.

When it comes to ease of use, the streamlined VaporFi Pro 3 is a standout. With straightforward operation, impressive battery life, and hassle-free filling, this vape pen makes on-the-go vaping simpler than ever.

Whether you’re new to vaping or a longtime enthusiast, VaporFi has thoughtfully designed their products and resources to maximize convenience and enjoyment. Their commitment to user-friendliness makes vaping more accessible for all.


Battery Life and Charging

Battery Life and Charging

VaporFi vapes are optimized for longevity with their powerful lithium-ion batteries and versatile charging capabilities.

Vapers who value extended battery life can choose from VaporFi’s range of 650mAh to 3000mAh options. The higher mAh batteries effortlessly last through heavy use – up to 2 days of vaping on a single 3000mAh charge.

In my experience, VaporFi’s batteries maintain consistent, reliable performance over time. Their high-quality materials prevent the frustrating pitfalls of battery degradation.

Charging VaporFi vapes is a breeze with the included USB cables. Full charging times clock in around 2-3 hours depending on battery size. The handy pass-through charging allows vaping during charging so you need never go without.

For vapers who prioritize power and convenience, VaporFi delivers exceptional battery life and charging options. Their lineup of long-lasting batteries and convenient USB charging makes keeping your vape powered up simpler than ever.


Price and Value

Price and Value

VaporFi delivers exceptional value and savings across their wide selection of vaping products. Their pricing is competitive within the vaping market, appealing to shoppers seeking quality without overspending.

VaporFi sets themselves apart with regular promotions and discounts for even more wallet-friendly prices. Their rewards program compounds savings by letting you earn discounts on future purchases.

You can shop with confidence knowing that VaporFi’s rigorous quality testing provides assurance of safety and effectiveness for every product. Their Certificate of Analysis confirms their commitment to offering only top-notch vaping gear.

Between competitive sticker prices, frequent sales, a rewards program, and verified product quality, VaporFi is a vaper’s paradise for value. You get the most for your hard-earned money with their combination of reasonable costs, promotions, and tested performance.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

VaporFi vapes earn an overall positive 4-star rating on Trustpilot based on nearly 5,000 customer reviews. While experiences vary, many reviewers praise the quality and variety of VaporFi’s products.

Positive reviews highlight phenomenal customer service and VaporFi’s commitment to delivering for vapers. Satisfied customers like Susan Palette-Gallagher and Meme Sweet applaud the immense selection of top-notch vaping gear.

However, other customers report disappointing shipping delays, poor communication, and frustrating customer service interactions. Negative reviewers like M G 1 US and John Mcclellan describe issues with unresponsive customer service and delayed orders.

In summary, reviewer sentiment skews positive for VaporFi’s products but is mixed regarding customer service. To ensure a great experience, research thoroughly and read reviews before purchasing. When VaporFi’s customer service team is communicative and shipments arrive promptly, customers tend to be very satisfied.


Similar Brands

Similar Brands

Mig Vapor – Known for high-quality vapes and excellent customer service, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Vaporesso – Offers a wide selection of innovative, customizable vapes with advanced technology features.

SMOK – A leading vape brand beloved for high-performing devices, innovative designs, and diverse e-liquid options.

Innokin – Manufactures a variety of top-rated vape products with a focus on quality and technology.

Aspire – Specializes in vape mods, tanks, coils, and starter kits that deliver bold flavors.

Eleaf – Creates user-friendly vaping devices for beginners and experienced vapers alike.

VGOD – Manufactures premium box mods, vape pens, sub ohm tanks, and unique e-juice flavors.

Like VaporFi, these brands emphasize product variety, quality manufacturing, and customer satisfaction. Vapers looking for alternatives will appreciate the range of options from these top vape companies.


Return and Shipping Policy

Return and Shipping Policy

VaporFi delivers seamless shipping and hassle-free returns thanks to their consumer-friendly policies:

Shipping Policy

Enjoy free standard shipping on orders $30+ courtesy of VaporFi. For orders under $30, standard shipping costs a flat $4.95 fee. Expedited shipping options are available for an added cost.

Processing takes 1-2 business days before shipment. Once shipped, you’ll receive tracking information via email. Shipping speed depends on your location and selected shipping method.

Return Policy

If unsatisfied with a purchase, VaporFi’s 30-day money-back guarantee has you covered. Simply contact their customer service team to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

Return your unused product in original packaging for a refund or exchange. Customers cover return shipping costs unless the product arrived defective or incorrect.

VaporFi also provides a 90-day warranty covering defects in material and workmanship. Reach out to their team to submit warranty claims for eligible issues.

With quick processing, tracking information, flexible returns, and warranty coverage, VaporFi makes ordering and returns smooth sailing for customers.


Final Verdict

Final Verdict

After extensive evaluation, I recommend VaporFi for vapers seeking a quality, reliable vaping experience. Here’s a summary of my key findings:


  • Extensive product selection including vape kits, mods, tanks, and e-liquids
  • Beginner-friendly with instructional videos and vaping tips
  • Rigorously tested products backed by Certificates of Analysis


  • Shipping issues reported for some states
  • Pricier than some competitor brands

While VaporFi has a few downsides like shipping hiccups and above-average pricing, their dedication to product quality and customer education is exceptional. Their broad selection empowers vapers to find their perfect setup.

Overall, VaporFi’s focus on quality manufacturing and user experience outweighs the negatives. For vapers prioritizing safety, reliable performance, and learning resources, VaporFi delivers. I confidently recommend them for an outstanding vaping journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does VaporFi’s standard shipping take?
VaporFi provides free standard shipping on $75+ orders within the US. Standard shipping delivers your order in 3-7 business days typically. Faster expedited options are available for an additional fee.

What are some potential downsides of vaping?
While vaping is often viewed as safer than smoking, some risks exist. Studies suggest vapes may still contain harmful chemicals and cause lung damage in some users. Vaping can also lead to nicotine addiction. However, risks likely vary across products.

Where can I buy VaporFi products in-store?
VaporFi primarily sells online, but they have retail stores across the US, Europe, and Middle East. Use their store locator to find a VaporFi retailer near you if you prefer purchasing products in-person.

Does VaporFi offer promo codes or discounts?
Yes, VaporFi provides occasional promo codes and discounts to customers. Sign up for their emails or follow their social media to stay updated on current deals and sales.

Which online vape shops are top-rated?
Popular and highly-rated online vape shops include VaporFi, Element Vape, Direct Vapor, and VaporDNA. Consider factors like selection, pricing, and service when choosing the best online retailer for your needs.

What type of vape may be healthiest for lungs?
While no vaping method is risk-free, lower wattage devices and those using nicotine salts likely pose fewer lung health risks than high wattage, cloud-producing options. Research thoroughly to find the healthiest vaping option for you.

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