Get Pumped and Ride Safe – Weider Home Gyms and Bike Helmets

Are you looking for ways to get fit without leaving your home? Want to start cycling more but need the right protective gear? Well you’ve come to the right place! This blog has the inside scoop on building your dream home gym with Weider equipment and choosing the perfect bike helmet to meet your outdoor adventures.

We’ll guide you on how to choose the ideal Weider strength machine for your space, budget and workout goals. No more guessing whether the 2980X or the Pro 8500 is a better fit for your strength training needs. We’ve stacked them up and broken down the specs so you can invest wisely.

We’ll also answer your most pressing questions on bike helmets – from types, proper fit, adjusting, maintenance and more. You’ll know exactly what safety features to look for when venturing out on local trails or just cruising around the neighborhood. Protect that noggin and ride easy with our tips!

So let’s dig in and get pumped about getting your fitness on wherever you are!

Build Serious Strength with Weider Home Gyms

Build Serious Strength with Weider Home Gyms

Working out at home is convenient and cost-effective. But finding room for all the equipment you need for a complete workout can be tricky. Enter the Weider home gym, an all-in-one strength training machine popular for its space saving design. Weider offers some of the best options for combining multiple exercises in one solid piece of equipment.

But how do you determine which model is right for your available space, budget and fitness level? Let’s explore some of the top Weider home gyms and what makes them stand out:

Weider Ultimate Body Works

The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a great starter home gym for beginners. It combines over 50 exercise options in a compact footprint. The adjustable hydraulic resistance lets you tailor and increase intensity for strengoth gains. Systems like the quick change weight selector and ergonomic roller cushions make it easy to switch between working muscle groups. For the price, it packs a lot of capability into a small package. Just note the weight capacity maxes out at 280 lbs, so beefier users might need a sturdier model.


Weider 2980 x Weight System

Weider 2980 x Weight System
Weider 2980 x Weight System
Weight capacity: 300 lbs
Dimensions: 65L x 37W x 76 inches H
Weider 2980 X
  • Weight stack allows progressive overload
  • Multiple exercise stations
  • Two chest exercise options
  • Good value
  • May not suit taller people
  • Weight stack too light for some
  • Some complaints about design/function

This home gym is more in line with what most people envision when thinking of a home gym setup. However, that doesn’t necessarily make it more of a home gym compared to other options on this list.

It has a lat pulldown station to work the back muscles, a pec deck and chest press for chest muscles, a preacher curl bench and leg extension. The weight stack is 80 lbs but supposedly provides up to 200 lbs of resistance. While many users may max it out quickly, it can provide enough challenge for other exercises.

Who This Is For:

We all have preferences when it comes to exercise equipment. While a cable machine like this isn’t the most functional compared to other home gyms here, it’s good for those with balance/stability issues since the machine stabilizes you.

Free weights require focus on lifting and balancing simultaneously, whereas machines like this eliminate the balancing aspect.

You can still build muscle and strength with this type of machine if you progressively increase weight and reps.

However, the weight stack won’t be enough for most experienced exercisers for most exercises.

This may be a good choice for beginners and intermediate exercisers.


Weider Gym Bench & Squat Rack

Weider Gym Bench & Squat Rack
Weider Gym Bench & Squat Rack
Weight capacity: 610-lb bench, 310-lb rack
Weider Gym
  • Great performance for the price
  • Various training stations for all muscles
  • Plate storage keeps space tidy and safe
  • Includes exercise chart
  • Some complaints about sturdiness
  • Bench not ideal for taller people
  • May need Olympic barbell due to narrow rack
  • Rack capacity a bit low but decent for most

If you want great value, we recommend the Weider bench press and squat rack combo. For less than $300 it’s hard to beat. Don’t expect commercial gym quality but for the price it offers a lot of value.

This setup includes useful features like an adjustable utility bench for chest and upper body training that inclines and declines for training variety and hitting muscles from different angles. There’s also an Olympic-width squat rack to build and strengthen leg muscles using compound exercises, a preacher curl station for biceps, a leg extension for quads, and pegs to store weight plates with an Olympic sleeve adapter. This means you can store 1″ and 2″ plates conveniently.

Who This Is For:
This home gym is best for people who like training with free weights like barbell and dumbbell bench press, barbell squats, etc. The adjustable spotter arms and versatile bench allowing incline/decline presses are perfect for hitting chest from different angles.


Weider Power Tower

Weider Power Tower
Weider Power Tower
Weight capacity: 300 lbs
Dimensions: 53.15L x 43.31W x 86.61 inches H
Weider Power Tower
  • Smaller and easier to move vs cable machines
  • Great price for what you get
  • Great for bodyweight training
  • Easy to add resistance
  • 300 lb capacity
  • Nothing for lower body
  • Need to lift your bodyweight to use
  • Some complaints about damaged parts likely from shipping
  • Some found it flimsy or wobbly

Everyone needs a good power tower in their home gym. They are simple yet proven (found in most commercial gyms), don’t take up much space, and typically have multiple stations for bodyweight dips, pull-ups, leg raises, and push-ups.

One great thing about power towers is you can use a dip belt, weighted backpack, or dumbbell between your feet to progress and get stronger.

It’s also padded where your back and forearms rest during leg lifts, with elevated foot pegs to assist getting into position.

If you want a simple bodyweight training option, we highly recommend this power tower.

Who This Is For:
This power tower is great for many reasons. You don’t need weights to get a good workout, it’s easy to add resistance, smaller footprint, usually cheaper than other home gyms, and you can move it around easily to train anywhere. Not to mention, it’s a fraction of the cost of other options.


Weider XRS 20 Home Gym

Weider XRS 20 Home Gym
Weider XRS 20 Home Gym
Dimensions: 65′′ H x 49.5′′ W x 73′′ L
Weider XRS 20 Home Gym
  • Easy assembly for many
  • Preacher curl yoke great addition
  • Independent squat rack convenient
  • Adjustable bench offers versatility
  • Requires Olympic bar; not standard
  • Sturdy build may require handiness

The Weider XRS 20 is a solid bench press and squat rack combo. The independent squat rack supports the bar during bench presses. Both are adjustable for users of different heights.

The 5-position bench can be used apart from the rack to perform dumbbell exercises for chest, back, triceps, and more. There’s also a leg extension station connected to the bench for quads.

A nice feature is the preacher curl yoke attachment, functioning more like a machine than free weights for this exercise.

Overall, this is a decent home gym with unique features.

Who This Is For:
This quality bench suits free weight enthusiasts of different heights. The independent squat station allows versatility from the bench/preacher curl. We like the yoke attachment mimicking a preacher curl machine, while still removable for dumbbell/barbell curls.

How Do They Compare?

So how do Weider’s home gym models stack up against each other? Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • The Ultimate Body Works wins for entry-level affordability with its 50+ exercises packed into a newbie-friendly machine.
  • The 2980X comes out ahead for intermediate lifters that need beefier capability and a few more bells and whistles.
  • The 6900 Pro dominates for seasoned strength trainees that require commercial grade quality and heavy weight capacity.

No matter your current fitness level, one of these Weider machines will give you results and convenience of not needing a spare room filled with equipment. Just be realistic about your space constraints and maximum lifting needs when deciding between these legendary home gym staples.

Weider Club 8920

We’d be remiss not to also mention the Weider Club 8920 for those seeking a pared down physique focused trainer. This streamlined machine packs pulleys, chest press, butterfly and leg curl stations into a super compact footprint. The functional trainer adjusts easily for full body toning. An optional seated preacher curl attachment expands your biceps training options. While not as decked out in accessories as pricier Weider models, the 8920 gives you a surprising amount of capabilities for small spaces like a bedroom or apartment. Just note the weight capacity doesn’t exceed 209 pounds.

Choosing Your Ideal Weider Home Gym

Choosing Your Ideal Weider Home Gym

So now that you know the main Weider contenders, how do you decide which model fits your space, budget and workout needs? Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Think about your main exercise goals and muscle groups you want to target. The Ultimate Body Works provides a robust total body training solution for novices. The 2980X better suits someone looking for heavy lifting focused especially on the upper body. Go Pro 6900 if hardcore strength training is your main objective.
  • Evaluate the footprint and room size you have available. The larger Pro model takes up considerable square footage. The more compact Body Works or 8920 can squeeze into tighter spots.
  • Determine the maximum user weight capacity required. The 8920 caps out around 209 pounds. The standard Body Works reaches 280 pounds. Upgrade to a 2980X or Pro 6900 if you plan on stacking 45 pound plates or leg pressing 300+ pounds.
  • Compare features vs. pricing to find the right balance. More weight stacks, attachments and accessories drive up costs. But you may decide certain add-ons are worth the extra investment.
  • Factor in ease of use and adjustments. Some Weider machines are easier to swap between stations and exercises than others. Test these functions if you can.
  • Consider if you’ll want extra support equipment like a bench. Having a bench for accessories can increase exercise options on certain models.
  • Try before you buy if possible. Testing Weider models in person at a retailer will give you a better feel for the right choice.
  • Research warranties and brand reputation. Weider is known for decent quality control and offers limited coverage to ease concerns.
  • Read reviews from other home gym consumers to learn from real world pros and cons before purchasing.
  • Consider professional reviews and tests for expert assessments on key specifications and engineering.
  • Compare to alternatives like Bowflex, NordicTrack, etc. Weider isn’t the only home gym game in town, so do your homework.
  • See if used and refurbished Weider models are available in your area to save some money. Just inspect condition closely first.
  • Create a checklist of must-have features based on your training needs and space that potential models should meet. This helps narrow options.
  • Avoid models with overly restrictive weight capacities unless you just want light toning. Leave room to intensify your lifting over time.
  • Prioritize adjustable designs and easy storage if you have limited area to work with. Not all Weider gyms fold up or move easily.
  • Make sure attachments fit your body measurements and height. Trying before buying prevents selecting a model that doesn’t align to your frame and reach.

Doing your homework will pay off with a smart Weider home gym investment. Now let’s talk about protecting your noggin once you take those fitness gains onto the roads and trails!

FAQs on Choosing the Best Bike Helmet

FAQs on Choosing the Best Bike Helmet

Riding a bike opens up a fun new world of adventure on wheels. But before you pedal away, protect your head with a high quality helmet. Trust us, you want to minimize concussion risk if you take a spill! Let’s answer some frequent questions on picking the safest helmet for mountain, road or neighborhood riding:

What types of helmets are ideal for outdoor cycling?

For versatile outdoor riding, consider a road bike helmet, mountain bike helmet or hybrid model. Road versions prioritize low weight and aerodynamics with ample ventilation. Mountain bike lids provide more head coverage plus stability on uneven terrain. Hybrids strike a comfortable balance between the two for trail, commuting and recreational use.

Why is wearing a helmet non-negotiable for outdoor cycling?

Helmets can literally be lifesavers in the event of an accident, fall or collision. They absorb shock and impact to protect your brain from grave injury. Preventing concussions and other head trauma should always be your top priority before cruising around on two wheels. Don’t risk permanent damage by riding without one.

How can I ensure my bike helmet fits correctly?

Avoid an ill-fitting helmet that wobbles or puts pressure on parts of your head. When worn properly, your helmet should:

  • Sit level on your head about 1-2 finger widths above your eyebrows
  • Feature straps that form a “V” shape under your ears
  • Feel comfortably snug all the way around with no slippage
  • Follow sizing charts and consult experts for the right fit

What’s the best technique for adjusting bike helmet straps?

Most quality bike helmets include adjustable fit systems with a dial or sliders in the back. Use these to tighten or loosen the helmet until it feels centered and secure. The chin straps should also align snugly under your jaw when buckled. Take time to get the adjustment right so your helmet doesn’t shift while riding.

When is it time to replace my bike helmet?

Plan on replacing your helmet around every 5 years due to foam break down. The materials degrade with exposure to sun, sweat and oils. You should also replace a helmet following any crash where it hit the ground or other hard objects at impact. Even if not visibly damaged, its protective capabilities may be reduced.

What are MIPS bike helmets? Are they worth the extra money?

MIPS helmets have a specialized layer that allows slight rotation to redirect impact forces from certain angles. This enhanced technology better protects your brain during falls but comes at a premium price. Serious cyclists may find the extra safety assurance worth the investment. Casual riders can decide if the added cost is necessary for their needs.

Can I attach my bike helmet to my bike frame or pack when not wearing it?

Many modern helmets include a loop on the back to thread a carabiner through. This allows you to conveniently clip your helmet to your backpack or bike frame when going helmet-free. No more awkwardly carrying your helmet everywhere off the bike! Just don’t hang heavy items that can damage the integrity.

What’s the most effective way to clean sweat and odor from a bike helmet?

Funky helmet smells come from bacteria buildup from all that sweating on hot rides. Use mild soap and warm water to clean the helmet pads. Avoid harsh detergents that can degrade the foam. Also spot clean the helmet shell with mild soap if needed. Let all parts dry entirely before reassembling a freshly cleaned lid!

Any tips for preventing “helmet hair” after a ride?

Nothing ruins a cute hairdo faster than mashed down helmet head! Try wearing a thin headband or skull cap under your helmet to protect your hair and scalp from friction. Also use dry shampoo and styling products after rides to revive flattened locks. And contain long hair in a braid or ponytail that can be easily smoothed down after popping your helmet off.

We hope these bike helmet tips give you confidence to protect your head and get pedaling on your next outdoor adventure. Now that you’ve got the scoop on Weider home gyms and safe cycling, you have no excuses not to get moving and improve your fitness on your own terms! Just be sure to choose equipment and gear that aligns with your needs and goals.

The right Weider model matched to your strength training level combined with a properly fitted helmet can get you exercising in comfort – and safety – in your own home or out on the trails. We know you’ll feel unstoppable with your new home gym providing power gains and your bike helmet giving peace of mind. Now go get those fitness goals and have fun!

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